Wednesday, 12 March 2014

It's a wrap!

As I'm creeping into my mid forties and the middle age spread is taking its toll, I know That I should be eating better, exercising more and of course drinking less alcohol... But where's the fun in that.... ?!

So, I decided to have my first ever inch loss wrap.....I know it's not forever but I was curious to see if and how it worked.  I rocked up to the salon in my bikini (obviously with clothes over the top whilst on the journey!) a sight rarely seen at the best of times, let alone now that I weigh more than I did when I was 9 months pregnant! But I knew it was for a good cause! 

Sharon explained that this was of course only a quick fix and not a permanent solution, tho it would be a boost to help get me motivated to live a healthier lifestyle.

We took my measurements (I could tell you but then I would have to kill you!) and Sharon proceeded to massage the inch loss gel into the offending areas.  This is a specially formulated aloe Vera and herbal gel that once wrapped helps to achieve fluid loss through lymphatic drainage. In the deeper layers of our skin lies the adipose tissue or fat cells around which fluid and toxins collect.  Normally this is discharged through the lymphatic system.  If these toxins and fluid are allowed to collect, the fat cells become compacted and cellulite will form (shudder..... We all hate the c word!), so I was happy to have a go at drawing out the all those nasty toxins before they became the c word!

Once the gel was applied, I was then tightly wrapped in cling film from the knee up.... Not a pretty sight!!

After being neatly wrapped up, I laid down on the couch and was covered in a blanket and told to relax for half hour.....well that was the plan, however we decided this was a great opportunity to wax my eyebrows and top lip....what a fantastc use of the time! You super busy ladies out there can multitask your treatments at the beauty salon! I did then have my little rest and enjoyed a warm and cosy power nap.  I'm not gonna lie, I may have looked pretty hideous but once I was cosied up, it was a lovely and warm feeling....and not as uncomfortable as it may seem!

Finally the time came for me to be cut out of my cling film cocoon, yes cut.... My fear of being spun out like someone's lunchtime Sarnie was thankfully not going to materialise!

And Then, the moment of truth... the scary yet exciting part..... Had it worked...was I on my way to my Kylie body?

My results...!

Upper arm - 0.5" loss per arm... Ok it's a start...
Waist - 1.5" loss... Excitement rising...
Thighs - 2" per thigh!!!!!!!!! Be gone with you cellulite!!

Total loss 6.5"!! That is the equivalent of a dress size! Not bad for a half hour lie down! Move over Kylie! (Well ok that's a bit far.... Not quite ready for the gold hot pants yet!)

Now I know it's not permanent, but believe me, if anything gives you motivation it's a head start like that! For anybody needing that little incentive back to a healthy lifestyle, it is most definitely recommended. Should you be invited out to a special function and suddenly realise that your favourite LBD is a tad too tight...this is just what you need pre party to get you back into it.

Again, remember this isn't a weight loss program it is an inch loss treatment and in order to keep off those inches a healthy, active lifestyle is imperative.  This is an amazing, relaxing treatment that can give you between a 3" & 9 " total loss immediately and therefore give you the morale boost we all sometimes need. (Not to mention the well deserved relaxation and me time!)

The inch wrap system is currently available at Heavenly Beauty for an introductory price of £35 per treatment. Call Sharon on 01329 663637 to book your ultimate inch loss treatment now!