Monday, 24 February 2014

Save The Blowdry Showercap....Your hair extensions best friend!

As a wearer of hair extensions and also a qualified hairstylist & extensionist, I definitely know the importance of a decent shower cap!  It is imperative in the fight to ensure the bonds of your hair extensions remain moisture free to avoid the breakdown of the tips and shedding.

Since wearing hair extensions, one of the big issues I have found is finding a shower cap that is big enough to cover all that hair!  Ill fitting shower caps mean moisture gets in and renders them pointless as far as protection goes!

My shower cap crisis has come to an end........!

No, I haven't stopped having extensions! I have discovered the Save The Blowdry Showercap! This revolutionary bathroom headwear is designed with a combination of a waterproof outer layer and an inner layer made from a super absorbent micro weave towelling which zaps humidity and condensation.  Combine this with the fact it's is extremely roomy with a comfortable flex grip to stop strands escaping it really does leave your crowning glory bathroom proofed!  

And...... it's also very pretty!!!!!

Save the Blowdry ticks all the boxes when it comes to helping the longevity of your hair extensions and I recommend it on both a personal and professional level!

Visit their website for further info and to buy

My Save The Blowdry! 

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